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Shift Change

Save time. Use Shift Change.

What is Shift Change?

If you are struggling with fixed working hours in your everday work, Shift Change is the perfect app to organize your daily routine.

With Shift Change you will always have your shift schedules at hand and can type in your paper-printed schedules within seconds.

Designed with passion

  • Delightful design

    The app is distinguished by its intuitive and harmonious design.

  • Easy to sync

    All existing shifts will be automatically added to your calendar.

  • Smooth note taking

    Notifications when the
    working shift starts are possible.

User-friendly features to fascinate

  • Easily adjust
    the settings

  • Avoid accidental

  • Jump to the
    current date

  • Show shiftcolor in the
    symbol legend

  • Enter job

  • Shake to reverse
    the action

  • Durch Tippen Schichten eintragen Durch Tippen Schichten eintragen

    Simply enter your shifts
    by tapping

  • Slide-Funktion Slide-Funktion

    By sliding across the screen you
    extend shifts throughout several days

  • Handy mit Schichtwechsel Handy mit Schichtwechsel

    You can add your shifts
    as you like

  • Digitale Uhr Digitale Uhr

    You can enter your shifts
    exact to the minute

  • Beispiel von Doppelschichten Beispiel von Doppelschichten

    Uncomplicated adding of
    double shifts

  • Notizen für die wichtige Information machen Notizen für die wichtige Information machen

    You can write down
    important information
    in notes

  • Handy mit Auswahl von Hintergrund Handy mit Auswahl von Hintergrund

    Individual and for you only: Choose your favorite background

  • Individualisiere deine Schichtfarben Individualisiere deine Schichtfarben

    More features with In-App Purchases Customize your shift color

We explain Shift Change to you

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